What it really takes to use solo-traveling as a form of personal transformation.

Solo traveling has been an increasing trend over the last several years. It is no longer defined by relationship status but rather a greater urge for deep introspection, alone time and personal growth. The trend has been impacting the ways businesses cater to these needs, so much so that travel companies and businesses around the world are changing their rules and are no longer penalising the solo traveler by making them pay extra.  

Solo traveling if done right can bring on so many personal benefits and insights to not only the traveler themselves but to the relationships they have with the world around them.  

Of course, not all those who wander are lost but majority of people do wander without any clear intention. If you want to get the most out of your solo journeys and get a good insight into your inner landscapes – The following questions and answers may be useful to keep in mind when you plan on going through such a journey. 

What kind of mindset do I need to have in order solo travel effectively? – The kind of mindset that if you don’t face your deepest fears and challenges and do whatever it is that you don’t normally do on this trip, you will waste your time and your money.  

What are things that I need to do in order to get the most out of my trip? – Expose yourself to a variety of different activities ranging from the things that you obviously enjoy doing AND the things that you usually say no to i.e. hike a challenging mountain, share a room with a few other strangers, get lost exploring your ways through the local neighbourhoods during the day and observe how others live.  

What are things that I can avoid in order to maximise the duration of my trip? – Doing things that you have done over and over back at home already i.e. drinking at the pubs, party at the clubs, sitting by the pools, spending your time scrolling through tinder day in and out and going on dates everyday.  

What are some specific activities that I should be looking to do to expand my perception and awareness? – Go to places whose culture is 180 degree different to yours, places where you don’t speak their language or understand their religion.  

Who should I hang out with and who should I avoid? – Make friends with people that offer something that will stimulate your mind and make you learn NEW things. Make sure you give them something back. It works both ways. Avoid people who are obviously there only to get drunk and not down for any meaningful experiences.  

Will it make much of a difference if I travel with just one other person and not entirely on my own? – Huge. Doing it by yourself pushes you to do a lot of things on your own. You can then reflect on these experiences and find that it was 10x better than those trips you took with a friend in the past.  

You can spend a lot of money over several trips to get what you need, if you know what you’re looking for. Or it could take you many trips, even a greater chunk of money and not get what you need, because you don’t know how to interpret these experiences.

If you want to do the guesswork, I’m all for working it out on your own because I did exactly that for a long time but it wasn’t until I decided to invest in myself; that’s when everything changed. If you want to obtain results and clarity faster so you can move onto the next big thing – Contact me to see if our trips are suited for you.  

We have availabilities in July and August 2019.

As much as we would like, we can’t always work with everyone, so it’s important that we have a conversation to see if we’re suited.  

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