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Just like any other countries that have managed to reserve their identity through traditions, customs and ancient teachings; Peru is a place that will bend your mind. The country is rich in its heritage and you can see its stories unfold as you travel through the different parts of this vast land. From rivers to high mountains, from deserts to the Amazon jungle, from cities to villages, this place is enriched with a sense of spiritual awareness and wellbeing. In this video, I will be providing my recommended itinerary for a 2 week travel period for anyone who’s interested to discover this beautiful country.

Some topics that I will be covering in part 3 (final) includes:

  • My recommendations on some places you can explore in Peru if you only have 2 weeks to explore
  • The most bizarre event I went to in Peru – Paucartambo Festival
  • Is travelling in South America dangerous?
  • A market in Iquitos called Belen that sells everything under the sun

More videos and content coming soon!

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