“When you’re there, you’ll know. But you won’t get there unless you go.” – TM

Travels by TM

Expand your perception, become more confident, creative and self-sufficient through our immersive journeys where we guide and support you into the world of solo travelling.

Our purpose is to show you how you can design and refine your inner world so that you can better navigate your outer world. Whether that’d be exploring your passion-driven career paths, gain personal inspirations and breakthroughs by travelling and coming across different experiences around the globe or simply wanting to learn more about yourself outside of your normal environment.

Solo travelling holds the key to fast-track self-actualisation. If you’ve been weighing on the idea of getting out there and discovering your world for what it is – We welcome you to join our tribe.


Travels by TM was a dream vision brought to life by our founder Thuy Mai, after her life-changing solo trip across South Ameria.

Armed with the realisation that solo travelling can help people in so many aspects of their lives given her own self-transformational experiences – Thuy became laser-focused in helping others start their own self-discovery journeys.

Today, Travels by TM exists to provide a gateway for people who are drawn to deeper levels of exploration through solo travelling. We are here to satisfy the hunger of the wanderers, the new experience and culture seekers. We stand as an open door that will allow the curious to discover the world in which they live in, one breathtaking place at a time. 


Step into the world of solo travelling and start pursuing the path to self-discovery. What you’ll find will be more than you could ever imagine.

Take our free interactive solo travel quiz to find out what’s the main thing that’s currently holding you back and a bonus video to get you started on tackling this issue.


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